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Hyper Plus Male Enhancement This topic has been under discussion for quite some time, where they tried to find out whether cardio is optimal or not in combination with basic training. We all have a biased opinion, but what is right: cardio before and after training? This is the million dollar question that many of you would like to know the answer to. Why continue to destroy your hard-earned results and progress, if you do not even need it. Instead, why not continue to maximize the overall potential and choose a more correct path, instead of destroying overwork? As always, we offer scientific evidence based on numbers to get to the bottom of these popular questions. Before we delve into the study, we want to quote Brad Schenfield: “There is no clear advice that would be ideal for everyone. People have different reactions to ongoing programs. There are big differences between different people and their individual characteristics in any research protocol. Thus, in providing advice on this topic, I can provide only general recommendations that should be individualized based on various genetic and environmental factors. This is the essence of evidence-based practice, which should form the basis of the decision-making process for each individual fitness professional. " We cannot but agree with this statement and we really feel that this statement is a valid and valid way of applying to a question like this. Today, there are many different cardio mechanisms. There are several mechanisms that have more power reactions with effects on the upper body: All of the listed mechanisms are excellent choices, whether you use them for HIIT or LISS. But, what mechanism is nevertheless more optimal for preventing the effect of an obstacle and when should you proceed with it? Let's delve into some of the research that we have already mentioned.


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